Stuff I love

Blue Q


I just LOVE this site!  I received my first Blue Q socks as a gift from Amy, my partner in FUN at work.  Well..when you wear them, something changes inside of you.  Your inner bad-ass is released and you feel unstoppable.  Just check out my new ones that I got for Christmas!!  Find the socks that “speak” to you on their site:  Blue Q socks

Tap into Greatness by Sarah Singer-Nourie


This is truly the first book I read and was able to put the frameworks immediately into practice. Sarah’s motivating and engaging style makes you feel like she is your personal leadership coach from cover to cover!!! I love how she takes you on a journey of self-discovery to go deeper into your own leadership style and then shows you how to use that new found knowledge to then help others grow and lead. It is a must read for all leaders!!

Also, check out Sarah’s site for more great leadership tips:  Sarah Singer and Co.