About ME

Hi! I’m Jen Hirsch and I am so excited to share my stories and life’s little lessons with you. I have always been passionate about business and so lucky to spend my entire 24-year career at the only place I ever wanted to work – Johnson & Johnson.   Throughout my tenure, I have reinvented myself 5 times, pivoting based on anticipating business needs, gaining new skills and creating new value. This journey has led me to the place that truly feels like home – SparkWorks. We created SparkWorks within my organization to bring business innovation to life. We do this by transforming the way people think and work together by understanding needs, generating creative ideas, and experimenting with solutions, using design thinking. Oh…and most importantly, we create a ton of fun along the way, because the most creative ideas come out of play and laughter!

I have been so fortunate to have also built a wonderful family during this time. I met my husband when I first started at J&J in Internal Audit, had my daughter, Kelsey, when I was in Finance, my son, Justin, when I was in Portfolio Management and then my son, Will, when I was in Project and Resource Management.  Throughout this time, I took family leave, worked part-time and then came back full time when the time was right for our family.

I also have several personal passions as well. I love to run and compete in triathlons. I also love creating outside of work. I started a t-shirt company, started a high school varsity dance team and started an audio book club for kids with dyslexia (my youngest, Will, has it). Now, I am excited to start my blog!

My life and J&J are so intertwined that I don’t make much of distinction between home and work because, to me, it’s part of my whole self!   AND…most of my great ideas happen outside of work.  In a recent survey, only 16% of survey respondents reported having creative ideas while at work!!  This is why I want to share SparkWorks with you!! Maybe something I share might SPARK creative ideas for you to apply at your WORK and life!!!

If you would like to share or discuss a topic, feel free to contact me at jenhirsch@sparkworksblog.com.